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600mg Citrus Hemp Oil

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Our Premium Jane citrus 600 mg hemp tincture has been flavoured masterfully with elements of tangy, zesty, and refreshing citrus... Read more

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  • Tell a unique detail about this product
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Our Premium Jane citrus 600 mg hemp tincture has been flavoured masterfully with elements of tangy, zesty, and refreshing citrus fruits for those who are not fond of the earthy, nutty tones of natural hemp.

The gentle addition of natural citrus flavours encourages sublingual consumption (placement of tincture under the tongue), allowing for super-efficient absorption within your body.

  • Delicious, natural citrus flavour
  • High amount of hemp per serve (15mg)
  • Sourced from non-GMO and organic hemp
  • Lab-tested by respected laboratories
  • Grown without pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvents, or chemical fertilisers
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free

Fact Sheet

📢  600mg Citrus Hemp Tincture – 1 oz / 30mL

Product Information

Size/ Volume 30 ml / 40 serving per container
Total Hemp 600 mg bottle
Serving 15mg of Hemp / 1/2 of dropper
Product Facts Non-GMO
Recommended Use Take once or twice daily. Place 1/2 of the dropper under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow.
Ingredients Hemp oil extract, MCT oil, natural flavours, terpenes

I have never used Hemp tinctures before. Is it okay to start with this one?

Our 600mg Citrus Hemp tincture is a fantastic place for anyone to start their health and wellness journey with Hemp products. Sitting in the middle of our Hemp tincture range at 15mg Hemp per serve, our 600mg bottle provides the perfect base for an individual to adjust up or down in quantity. This selection is not too strong that a person new to Hemp is overwhelmed by the product, but not so weak that the subtle health benefits are hard to put a finger on for those inexperienced with this wonderful plant.

How do I know this is the real deal?

The market has been flooded with half-hearted companies looking to ride the waves Hemp products are making in the health and wellness space. We understand your concerns regarding how to sort fact from fiction. That’s why we have made it company policy that all of our Hemp products come from organic, sustainable farms and every single Premium Jane product is tested by impartial third-party laboratories who record the Hemp and phytonutrient content of such products.

Can I vape Premium Jane’s Hemp Tinctures?

No. None of the products in our Hemp tincture range have been designed to be compatible with vaporizers. All of our Hemp tincture formulas have been optimised for oral consumption.

How will Hemp Tinctures promote my health?

Everyday we receive messages from happy Premium Jane customers. Our community has reported how Hemp Tinctures have helped them in many aspects of their life; from supporting the healthy management of stress from everyday life, to improving their sleep patterns and supporting quality sleep. Others have reported an increased ability to focus and stay calm and a general uplift in morale.

Will it work on me?

Everyone on this earth is unique – this goes for our internal EC system too. This system is responsible for receiving and interacting with the active phytonutrients present in Hemp tinctures and its ability to do so can vary from person to person. Hemp Tinctures are believed to promote the production of these natural receptors in the body, which is why some users of Hemp products only report positive effects after using them routinely for up to a month or more. These individuals may have had low levels of phytonutrient receptors at the beginning of their dosing and just needed a little more time to see health and wellness promotion!

Is There THC In Your 600 mg Citrus Hemp Tincture?

Premium Jane Hemp tinctures are full-spectrum, meaning they may contain trace amounts of THC extract. However, our hemp plants are continuously tested to contain THC at less than 0.3% by weight, meaning that NONE of our tinctures will get you high – ever.

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