To trim or not to trim the wicks of your candles? We’re here to remind you why this is a great idea.  

This accessory needs no introduction. You’ve seen it before and you’ve probably politely ignored the advice (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!) but let us introduce you to the wick trimmer.  

The advice still stands the test of time – Don’t forget to trim the wicks off your candles before you burn them.

But like all good advice we find repetition of the message is always beneficial.  

So, we’re here to remind you why trimming the wicks of your JM&Co candles is a must-do not a maybe! 

Let’s start with the why?  

  1. Trimming the wick of your candles makes for a much cleaner burn – With less wick to burn through, your candle can focus on using that heat energy to pool the wax properly and set your fragrance free.  
  2. By trimming your wicks, you are preventing unnecessary smoke coming from the candle.  
  3. Trimming a candle wick prevents excess wick material from forming and falling back into the wax (This can happen when the wick “mushrooms”)  
  4. Wick trimmers have been specially designed when rested square on the top of a cold candle to measure the wick to 6mm, this is the ideal length to achieve a clean burn that gets your fragrance flowing.  
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